Wedding photography packages
Please note, package prices may change without notice.
Just the Basics
One Photographer 1 Hour Consultation Pre Ceremony Photography The CeremonyPost ProcessingTwo 8 x 11 PrintsDigital Copy
1 Photographer
1 hour pre-wedding consultation.
Pre-Ceremony Photography
Ceremony Photography
Post Processing
Two 8x12 prints (Selected by you)
Digital copy of photographs
Your Special Day
One Photographer 1 Hour Consultation Pre Ceremony Photography The Ceremony Mock Dance and Cake Cutting ceremony Post Processing Thumbnail Selection process Digital Copy Sixteen Prints
1 Photographer
1 hour pre-consultation.
Pre-Ceremony Photography
Ceremony Photography
Mock Post-Ceremony Photography
Post Processing
Thumbnail Selection
Digital copy of photographs
1 11x17 print, 5 8x12 prints and 10 6x8 prints
Don't hold back
Two Photographers1 Hour ConsultationEngagement Session at a location of your choosingPre Ceremony Photography The CeremonyReception PhotographyPost Processing Thumbnail Selection process Digital CopyProfessionally outfitted wedding album
2 Photographers
Engagement Session
Pre-Ceremony Photography
Ceremony Photography
Reception Photography
Post Processing
Thumbnail Selection
Digital copy of photographs
Your choice of selected photos professionally inserted into the album of your choosing

The Details and The Extras
Pre-Wedding Consultation: (Included in all packages)
ConsultationConsulting with your photographer prior to a wedding is very important.
Anyone can simply "show up" on the day and wing it, however our photographers will consult with you prior to the wedding.
This serves several, equally important. Tasks;
Firstly, it will allow you to develop a relationship with the photographer, allowing you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and ultimately resulting in more natural photos.
Secondly, it is important for the photographer to feel more comfortable with you. This consultation will give them an understanding of you as a couple… how you react and interact, how you look, and of course how to best approach the wedding.
Lastly, and certainly not least of all, the consultation will give you a chance to speak to the photographer about the photos that you want to see.
If you have "favourite" wedding photographs, then this is the time to show your photographer and request them.
For the ultimate in photographer/couple relationships, please consider our "Engagement Session"
Pre-Ceremony Photography: (Included in all packages)
Pre Ceremony PhotosOur photographer/s will be there prior to the wedding ceremony to capture bride and/or* Groom getting ready. >
Typical pre-ceremony photos include make-up photos, dress and shoes, "babes and buddy" photos with the bride and bridesmaids and/or* groom and groomsmen.
*Experience tells us that many times, the Bride and Groom will spend the few hours prior to the wedding in very separate locations.
If this is the case in your wedding, you may need a second photographer to capture both bride and groom, so please keep this in mind when choosing your package.
Ceremony Photography: (Included in all packages)
The CermonyOur photographer/s will be there for the entire wedding ceremony and capture the special moments for you.
Ceremony Photography also covers post-ceremony group photos, as well as bride and groom photographs in a location chosen by you.
Digital Copy: (Free with all packages)
Digital Copy of your imagesA high quality copy of your retouched photographs will be supplied on USB or DVD (with customised cover)
Add a second Photographer:
Extra Photographer Sometimes one photographer is just not enough to cover everything. Having a second photographer there on your special day ensures that absolutely nothing is missed.
Even if you are only looking at a basic package, a second photographer can add many more photos to your collection.
Engagement Session:
Engagement Session at a location of your choosingAn Engagement Session with one of our photographers is the perfect way to prepare yourselves for your wedding photography experience. In a location of your choosing, spend time with your wedding photographer or photographers, get to know them, and ultimately end up with some fantastic images to use for your invitations and guest book.
Props such as "Getting Married", "Happy couple" signs and symbols, parasols and many more are available upon request.
These sessions are available upon request and can take up to 6 hours. We really like to get to know you well!
Reception Photography:
Reception PhotographyThe Cake and The Dance… Outside of the ceremony itself, these are the 2 most important parts to your wedding. Our
photographer will be there at the reception to ensure that these special moments live on forever in high quality.
Post-Ceremony photos also include "Table and Guest" photos.
"Staged" Post-Ceremony Photography:
Mock Dance and Cake Cutting ceremonyFor those on a budget, our photographer/s can capture a "mock" cake cutting and "mock" dance for you.
Extended Reception Photography: (quote required, minimum $500)
Reception PhotographyThe reception can carry on well into the night. It's your time to let loose and enjoy yourself. One of our Photographers* will be there for the entire thing (No time limit) to capture the memories that excessive partying may temporarily remove.
*A wedding is perhaps one of the most exhausting events that a photographer can undertake. Because of this, your Wedding photographer may elect to have another photographer cover your reception to ensure the best quality images.
Post Processing: (Included in all packages)
Post ProcessingThis process describes the post-photography retouching of your images.
Don't worry! We are not photoshop-freaks and we are not going to turn you into plastic models of yourself!
Post processing is designed to touch a photo up so that you look your absolute best on your special day.
To quote a famous photographer;
"Photoshop is a tool to enhance the inherent beauty in a photo, not to create it. Photoshop will never replace the need for
good photography"
For examples of post processing, please contact us.
Thumbnail Selection: (free with any prints)
Thumbnail Selection processOur professionals will supply you with a digital "sheet" of photos, allowing you to select for yourself which ones you want printed.
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